Simple Living

I've been asked before what my philosophy on simple living really is.  Well, it's truly about a mindset of living with less and enjoying it more.  Enjoying time with family and making sure your time is not all used up in keeping up with all your stuff!  Through the years I bombarded our home with stuff and would move things from one place to another, never being content with where things were because there was just too much!!!
Now, life is calmer although it definitely is a choice that we have to make.  I've never wanted a large home with lots and lots of stuff, now I wouldn't mind having an old farmhouse and making useful rooms in it but nothing is 'for show', my home is about 'some' pretties but most things must function or they're out the door!
We regularly go through our home and find items to either toss, recycle or give to Goodwill.  There's always someone that could use something so why would I want to leave it sitting in my home where it's not being used and apparently is not needed.
Living simple is to enjoy simplicity, peace, calm and to treasure the most important things in life.  Christ, family, friends and others.  'Stuff' does not enter into that equation at all!
God Bless~!