Our Homestead Journey

We are on a journey. This journey is one of our own making. We want to find ‘Walden’, not Thoreau’s Walden, but one of our very own.
We’re Dan and Judy, have been married for 33 years with three grown children. Through the years we’ve been quite busy raising our family. We homeschooled and graduated all three from our homeschool.
We have had times of bounty and times of lean.
We have faced hardships and sorrows.
We have shared laughter and abundant joys.
We have been embraced in a community and church family and then thrown to the wolves when we followed God’s direction to homeschool. We learned a wonderful lesson in following Him, not people. He is always the right choice. 
The He I’m speaking of is our Heavenly Father. His Word is our guide and His Love is our constant.
Dan has worked for the airlines for 27 years, Judy has been a stay at home wife and mom. 
A few years ago we started a home-based business making cold processed soaps and bath and body products and selling on Etsy which we enjoy immensely and thankfully is quite successful.
The goal is quite simple: Enjoy every moment together, with family and with our aging parents while counting our blessings every single moment.
This is the diary of our journey.