Wednesday, March 9, 2016

So excited!

Yep, they're coming to our little ole town and I'm so excited!
We had to drive quite a ways to get to the store we like to frequent but now it's going to be a few minutes away.
Big news for our little town!
I am very happy about it. Others not so much, many folks say it's a 'cheap' grocery store that doesn't belong here. 
That my friends is the voice of ignorance! 
Aldi has come a long way since we first started going there. Their produce is excellent, they have tons of gluten free items. Since they don't have a huge employee base, they can pass on those savings to the consumers through a lower price point on groceries. I think of it like the old town general stores. 
I am not brand loyal to large companies that load their products with unnecessary fillers, I just want the plain simple stuff with a couple of ingredients, that I know how to pronounce! And you can get that with not a lot of hassles at Aldi!
Can't wait!!!

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