Sunday, March 6, 2016

Back in the Saddle!!!

Those best laid plans!!! 
Life kinda does it's own thing, doesn't it? We decided to close our shop and go ahead and destash all of my soaping supplies. That was all accomplished fairly quickly. Sadly, I missed making cold processed soap more than I can say, it just is an amazing thing to do!
Hubby could tell I was missing it and made me sit down and order the supplies to get going again! My freelancing jobs were not too bad but I hated sitting at the computer for hours on end, it droves me nuts!!!!!
Now, we have a fully stocked soaping room again and I'm a happy girl!!!!
We are going to be adding quite a few things to our product line, lotions, butters, bath bombs, aromatherapy, herbal goodies, etc. Looking forward to stocking it all up!
The first 2 months of this year were spent with me being closed in the bedroom with a humidifier going nonstop because I had some horrible respiratory issues. Bronchitis that would not let go. Thankfully now I am almost back to 100% and so very thankful for that!
Ready to start anew and counting ALL of my blessings!!!! God is sooooo good!!! 

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