Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What to Do with it alll! Facebook Destash Groups/Our Experience and Tips

Clutter is a big problem, even bigger when you've made the decision to move towards a more minimalist lifestyle. Statistically 78% of the households in the U.S. have borderline hoarding amounts of 'stuff' in their home. You've seen the 'hoarder' shows on TV, right? Well, that statistic is enough to get this girl moving to get rid of it!
There are some different venues available these days to move that stuff out of our homes and make a little cash in the process. These are the ones that we've decided on. I thought I would share our experiences with them.
Facebook destash groups: These are perfect for those items that are a very specific category. In my case I had a lot of items for soapmaking and scrapbooking. My decision was to get rid of all of the scrapbooking items. For the soapmaking I knew that we needed to keep just enough to make our own soap for our home.
Since these are specific items that only scrapbookers or soapmakers would see for their true value, the destash groups are the perfect venue. Not only are these folks going to get a good deal on some partially used or new items, they also want to help out a fellow crafter/soapmaker. It truly is a win/win situation.
First, you have to identify yourself as an honest person, I had been in both crafting and soapmaking groups and had an online store so they could see that I was a 'real' person, if you're thinking about doing this join the groups now, so people will know who you are. From there you just need a paypal account. Be prepared, with shipping supplies, to ship a lot of items. 
I just put it out there that I was getting rid of my business and started listing the items on the group. I found it best to use invoices through paypal, honestly that helps keep all of it organized and you know who bought what, who paid, etc.
The first group we began selling through was the scrapbooking group, every single item we listed sold and sold very quickly. The beauty of this is that you're within a group that treasures these items as much as you do, you would never get that on ebay, yard sales, etc.
Also, you can list your items for just a couple bucks less than you paid, some items had become hard to get by the time I listed them and people were begging for more. Make sure you do a bit of research before listing each item, you don't want to miss out making that little bit extra folks might have paid or put something out there with too high a price that no one will pay. 
For the scrapbooking items, I estimate that I initially paid appr. $2500 for everything new.  I had some of these items for a lot of years, plus everything I had was bought with coupons or sales, I very seldom pay full price, so these items probably were would have been at least $4000 new.
After selling all of these items, I had well over $3300 in my paypal. After the shipping costs I made made $3072. Yep, I actually had more money than I had paid out of pocket for all of it.
The downside to selling your treasures is....well, they're your treasures...I LOVE crafting items! But, the pain eases once you see that money sitting in the bank. And guess what?...that was our motivation to get started on selling the soapmaking items through a destash group. 
More about that on the next post!

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