Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What to Do with it all? Facebook Destash Groups/Our Experience and Tips Part II

Not my pic but a pretty good idea of what we had, ours was probably six times this amount.

Clutter is a big problem, even bigger when you've made the decision to move towards a more minimalist lifestyle. Statistically 78% of the households in the U.S. have borderline hoarding amounts of 'stuff' in their home. You've seen the 'hoarder' shows on TV, right? Well, that statistic is enough to get this girl moving to get rid of it!
There are some different venues available these days to move that stuff out of our homes and make a little cash in the process. These are the ones that we've decided on. I thought I would share our experiences with them.
Facebook destash groups: These are perfect for those items that are a very specific category. In my case I had a lot of items for soapmaking and scrapbooking. My decision was to get rid of all of the scrapbooking items. For the soapmaking I knew that we needed to keep just enough to make our own soap for our home.
Since these are specific items that only scrapbookers or soapmakers would see for their true value, the destash groups are the perfect venue. Not only are these folks going to get a good deal on some partially used or new items, they also want to help out a fellow crafter/soapmaker. It truly is a win/win situation.
First, you have to identify yourself as an honest person, I had been in both crafting and soapmaking groups and had an online store so they could see that I was a 'real' person, if you're thinking about doing this join the groups now, so people will know who you are. From there you just need a paypal account. Be prepared, with shipping supplies, to ship a lot of items. 
I just put it out there that I was getting rid of my business and started listing the items on the group. I found it best to use invoices through paypal, honestly that helps keep all of it organized and you know who bought what, who paid, etc.

Now for the soapmaking products.  Soapmaking products consist of oils (in 5 gallon pails), fragrance oils, essential oils, colorants (mica, liquid colors, etc.), lye (in large quantities), lots of powdered items such as titanium dioxide, different clays, etc., different molds, bowls, silicone spatulas, etc. Lots of supplies!

So, after establishing myself as a member of their group and pointing them to my etsy shop so they could see that I was a real person, I began listing.

Immediately these folks started questioning what I would be listing next, could I give them a heads up, would I be willing to sell to them first. I found the best thing to do was simply state in the group itself that everything would be listed in it's own time and I felt it wouldn't be fair to sell to someone off list.  Of course their fear is that they'll miss something as I list it or someone else will snatch it up first, that is just the nature of these groups, first come, first served.

A lot of my items had been used so I would simply state how many ounces were left and price it accordingly. It helps to keep up the sites that you purchased from for your own reference to pricing, but keep in mind that folks don't always go to those sites, some just buy from re-sellers. Without a doubt we made all of the money back on our products, we priced everything according to how much it would be to buy that amount from the sites and it all sold.

This was approximately 3 weeks worth of listing and shipping. In the beginning I state that I would only sell to U.S., then had someone beg me to change that so I did. She decided she wanted appr. $150 worth of products and said she was willing to pay the shipping to Australia.  After I added all of it up, decided on shipping charges, etc. which took a couple of hours, she decided she didn't have the money.  From there I definitely left it at U.S. only.  That was a rare case but I didn't want to have to deal with that again.

Since I had been selling scrapbook items I kind of messed up in the beginning of the soapmaking selling in that I priced shipping wayyyyy to low. We quickly fixed that and found that folks were happy to pay as much shipping as was needed.  *Oh so important to get that shipping correct, in our case we're talking about multiple 16oz bottles so that's a lot of shipping.

Within those three weeks we had everything sold except our 5 gallon pails and multiple bottles of lye.  There are many rules in shipping lye and honestly we didn't want to have to deal with that.  So, in the end we just showed everything we had left in a pic and a soaper drove appr. 2 hours to come and get it all from us.  We did offer her a discount but truly we would have been stuck with it all and I was tickled to help our a startup soaper!  We ended up gathering up items we had seen before and filling her car up when she came, she was happy and so were we!

Once again at the end of our selling soap supplies, we made a good amount of money. According to my calculations we made spot on what we had paid for everything, minus the little shipping boo boo from the beginning. Now our soap making supplies fit on a wooden shelf in our basement all nice and tidy for when we'll need to make more soap.

Now, the office is more streamlined with the sale of the scrapbooking supplies and our basement has been cleared of appr. 6 shelves full of items.  

Next step, we'll talk about the next step in the minimizing!

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