Sunday, October 18, 2015

What to do with it all? Craigslist!

The journey had begun, but there were still many items that needed to go. So, what did we do next? Well, we went the Craigslist route. I'm sure most of you have used Craigslist a time or two, it's quite simple.
We had a few large items, power tools, mini fridge, things that needed to be sold local for a simple sale with no shipping. Craigslist has gotten a bad name because of some bad people, but in our case we always communicate a few times before giving any phone number, address, etc. Also, only a select group of folks would pay the price we were asking for the power tools, specifically ones that knew it was a good quality tool and they were getting a good buy.
We have sold all of our items except for the mini fridge, which seems to attract folks but they never respond back. And we have a large price antique that we will be listing, just waiting to get it all ready for pics.
We had the folks come to our home for the tools because; they needed to see them before buying, they are heavy and it worked best for them to come here and they needed to be plugged in so they could test them. Everyone was beyond nice and we would do it again in a heartbeat. We made a very good price on our items, generally only about 25% less than what we paid if the item was fairly new.
I always thought if I were going to meet someone for a Craigslist transaction I would have them meet us right next to a police station parking lot. If they didn't show up or you someone pull up and then leave, you know you're dealing with a dishonest person.
As I said, our transactions all worked out well and we were able to pick up some cash while weeding out the 'un-necessaries'! (yeah, I know it's not a word!)
The journey continues...

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