Saturday, April 4, 2015

Yard Sale Signs.....Spring is here!

Finally!  Spring has sprung!  We saw our first yard sale sign today so a sure sign that spring is here and the snow is gone!
We are supposed to have rain all this week, so imagine how beautiful our woods and yard will be!  It's wonderful just seeing all the new signs of spring and enjoying the sunshine and warmth.  We're quite busy here on our homestead, working hard to get plenty of product in our Etsy shop.  By this time next year we intend to be on our new property getting all set up for chickens, gardens and all that wonderful, glorious stuff!
We haven't found the property yet, this next year is all about working hard, paring down and being prepared for the move.  We've decided that we need to do some drastic thinking and purging so as to live a simpler, cleaner life.  Not clean as in we live in filth!LOL Clean as in less clutter.  If we do not love it or it doesn't have a function, it is out of here.
So, I will be blogging as we downsize our living space to up size our outdoor space. 
This is the way I've always thought I would love to live, so as we are in our 50's we are going to make all the changes necessary to get to our dream.  
Be looking out for new blog posts at least weekly if not daily!!!  This is such an exciting journey!!!  I hope you come along with us!

Tomorrow is Easter!!  May you be blessed as we celebrate Him, yep, that's the Him that this blog is all about!!!!  Living Simply For Him!  Jesus Christ, sweetest name I know!!!