Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Rant on Black Friday and the Total Nonsense of the Concept!!!!!

The photo above was one I quickly snagged randomly from a Google search, there were many others that basically show the same thing, Pure Insanity!
I don't 'do' black Friday, simply because we have never been big on buying from major stores and we definitely do not go crazy with shopping from any stores or shops.  We live by a very strict budget that does not allow throwing away money on non essentials.  If we purchase gifts they must be: high quality so they will not break tomorrow; well thought out and researched; and something that we 'know' that person will absolutely love.  We don't buy just to spend money, and the last thing any of us needs is more stuff to fill up our already overflowing homes.  I particularly don't do black Friday because most of our shopping is done well in advance, that way we can spread out the purchases and stay within budget.
I must admit that the allure of freebies or saving a lot of money on things is a big selling factor, we all love free and a good deal, so black Friday is going to pull in the majority of people.  Initially it was a cute concept some years ago, people lined up early in the morning and the news people had fun showing the chipper shoppers getting their good deals.  
As with most things that are good and fun, this has turned from a fun day into a day of violence, anger, hatred and total selfishness.  You'd think that we could be happy for that other shopper that they got a good deal, remember that 'do unto others' thing?  Yeah, that.  Be happy for them, they'll be happy for you, everybody comes out a winner.  You know....that GROWNUP thing!
The idea of being kind, generous, joyful, calm, peaceful, caring, loving, giving, unselfish, trusting, lending a hand, showing generosity seems to have gone out the door.  Our world is becoming a me, me, me laden society full of greed and jealousy.  Crowds of folks cannot even get together anymore without total chaos ensuing.  Folks can't stand for others to have something they cannot have so they will go to any means to get it, theivery, violence, even murder....all for 'stuff'.  We spend Thanksgiving day being thankful with family, thanking God for our many the next day we can turn into a selfish, money hungry monster!!!  You know it's true!
You want to know the true irony in all this?  Truly who is winning in this 'snag the best deal'?  Is it you?  Is it me?  Is it the consumer in general?  The answer is a big, fat, enormous, huge, NO!  What we are doing through this spending frenzy is fattening up the pockets of the corporate world!  Not the little guy that works at Wal-Mart at the checkout, or the guy in the electronic department of Best Buy, he's going to get his same paycheck whether we purchase or not.  The money that we are shoving at them for their 'stuff' is going into the pockets of the big guys in the corporate offices and the share holders will come out pretty good too when their profits skyrocket because we are shoving our hard earned money down their throats.  
Once again, that little guy that works at Wal-Mart as a greeter, is he pocketing any extra money because of our rash purchases....NO!!!!!!  He has this job because he has to feed his family, his salary is low so of course he owns no stock in the company, he barely gets by with his measly paycheck.  On that same subject, how much are we spending that we actually should not be spending?  Where does your Christmas spending money come from?  Do you have to cut back on groceries or not pay your electric bill because of the spending and then the after affects when the season is over?  
I am a small business owner so it's important to me that folks shop small businesses.  Are we shopping at the small shops in our towns?  Do you bypass that cute little country shop to buy the mass produced items at Wal-Mart that we made in China?  Every time we make a grocery purchase at Wal-Mart we are contributing to the decline of the small farms, the mom and pop stores, the carpenter that works for weeks on that perfect piece of furniture made from solid wood.  Their items are more expensive but that quality and craftsmanship will outlive our children's children, we can hand down good quality items to the next generation.
Take a look around your home, is it full of 'stuff' you just had to get at Wal-Mart?  Plastic is not something to hand down to the next generation.  
We need to think these things through.  I've seen way too many families that end up just throwing everything from a loved one away because it is literally, all junk!  That's nothing to leave behind!  Let's start thinking about what we're surrounded by in our homes and make it a point in the new year to de-clutter the junk and don't bring in anymore!   More to come........