Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nipping the Seeds of Anger and Frustration in the Bud

Oh how quickly our peace and joy can become littered with seeds of anger and frustration.  Those moments of complete peace are sometimes so fleeting that we can't remember them at all.  Life is moving to fast and we can't seem to stay caught up with the pace of it all.  Suddenly the little seeds start sprouting, slowly at first and then quickly until our thoughts are moving in such a fast speed that it seems impossible to find a moment to breathe and pray.
Thankfully, God is right there.  He is there today, tomorrow and will be there for us in every moment.  The fault of course lies with us, we forget that He is just a breath away or maybe we like feeling this anger and feel that it's only fair that we sulk for awhile.  After all, life is difficult and others are seemingly always finding a way to slither in and water those seeds until they've grown so big it's impossible to overcome them, so why not go ahead and shout in anger at anything and everything in your path??  
This was my life years ago, I would actually pick a fight with my husband because I was sooooo angry.  No, I wasn't angry with him, I was....well, truth be told I was probably having a bit of the old PMS, but I sure wouldn't have admitted it back then! LOL  Anyway, just my luck, I married a guy that won't fight, won't argue, it's just not in him to do and he wouldn't waste the time doing it.  He wakes up in a good mood and goes to bed in a good mood, always has, it's just him.
So, what would I do, well usually I would storm out the door, get in my car and drive.  He wouldn't come after me because he knew the drill, a bit of time alone with my thoughts and I would come back home very apologetic.  This worked great until we had our first child, then your not quite as mobile and slamming the door with baby, diaper bag, car seat, etc. just doesn't have the desired effect!!!

I found myself facing this situation today, though.  I had just felt so good and life was great, suddenly an outside force stormed in and stole my joy, someones attitude affected me in such a way that I couldn't find that peace I had just a few moments earlier, this person was miles away but the anger was there and real.
As I type this I've finally breathed slowly, prayed and changed my way of looking at the situation, I cannot change this person so why should I try.  I prayed for them and I prayed for me to forgive and let it go, they don't want forgiveness, they want my anger but I know that I have forgiven and I'm back nuzzled under the wonderful peace that only our Saviour Jesus Christ can give.

For now, I have peace.  For now, I have just enough.  That's truly all I need, just enough.

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Debbie Harris said...

How blessed to have found your sweet little place here!
I appreciated this post, well said.
I look forward to many more visits here with you.
Sweet blessings to you, Debbie