Monday, September 15, 2014

Is Anyone Ever Really Content?

I find that everyone has a favorite time of year, don't they?  My hubby adores heat, the hotter the better.  Seriously, he would be happy to live in an area that is in the 90's all year.  He works outside, on the ramp, at the airport so it gets very hot but he loves it, he says the sweatier he gets the better he likes it.  I'm sure that's healthy for him and he certainly does work hard.
Most folk seem to hate the heat, hate the cold, hate the rain, hate the snow....see the pattern here?  I know that the weather is always a fine conversation starter because we all have a strong opinion about it and are not shy about throwing in that opinion!
What bothers me is that it just seems to give us one more thing to complain about, do you know what I mean?  I know some folk that never complain about anything and there a very few of them, generally we're all guilty of over-complaining.  It's a constant with people these days, I hate that it gets dark earlier/later, I hate the rain/snow/cloudy weather/chilly weather, etc.  Hate is just one of those words that we've come to use everyday in conversation because most idle chit chat turns into a complaining session.
What's really kinda sad is that we all have seemingly stopped looking for joy in the day to day.  You know folks that say 'Oh, when we finally get our house, things will settle down and we'll be fine' or 'If we could just get ahead, I'd be content' or 'If life would just slow down, we could get a moment of peace'.  Sadly, these folks will be saying this about the next issue in their lives also because we live in a fallen world and we are sinners.  We are not and never will be perfect, which therefore dictates that life will not be perfect either.  Just ain't gonna happen!
In my over 50 years on this earth I've discovered that life is basically a day to day struggle.  Bad things will happen, they always have.  I hear people say, 'Oh, this must be the end times because of all the bad things that are happening'!  I remember living through many, many, many bad things that have happened in this world, we've been through racial tension, global tension, political tensions within our country, all of this has been going on for the many decades I've lived and I know there were horrible things before then.  The Holocaust, Civil War, Great Depression, WWI, WWII, the list is truly endless.
But there is good news!  We can make today a joyous day!  The secret?  Just smile and be content.  Be happy in the now, right this minute look to the sky and appreciate God's beauty that he put there just for us!  Whether you're looking at the night sky, dusk (as I am) or bright daylight, the sky is just amazingly beautiful!!!  Look up!  Kinda neat that you're looking at the same sky I'm looking at!  I love that!

Lastly, I'm not making light of the fact that there is sickness, death, financial issues, etc.  I know those problems well.  But, we have to make the very best out of every situation and your smile may be the only one someone else will see today and what they're going through could be 100 times worse than what you are.  Let others see Christ through you, that inner peace is only a breath and a prayer away!  

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