Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Cool Front Has Moved In

Isn't it just an incredible feeling when the cooler temps start, after a long summer?  Our summer has not been bad really but I prefer the cooler temps and always look forward to Autumn and Winter.  Life here on our homestead has been busy these past couple of weeks, we have been busy getting new items listed in our Etsy store and starting lists for Christmas.

Our goal is to make this an entire 'handmade' Christmas, doesn't always go as planned but the goal is still there!  Truly, most of the family prefers handmade items, my parents and siblings, etc. are all crafters and artists in their own right.  We were simply raised knowing how to do things with our hands.  We also we raised with a very frugal mother, so we know the meaning of a dime and we know that it goes further in handmade gifts than in store bought.

I'll post a list soon of some of the items we'll be making this year, I always love to peruse my favorite blogs to see what others are making!  Very motivational and fun!

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