Thursday, August 21, 2014

Searching for Silence

Sometimes I wonder if anyone has moments of true silence.  I would love to experience more of it.  It seems the world around us is intent on making noise.  I'm sitting here in front of my computer in my home and I still can't find the silence.
Of course as I'm typing I'm making my own noise, the keys on the keyboard are a bit clicky, I can hear myself sniffle a little from allergies and our A/C unit is outside this room so it's roaring away outside.  
But what I'm searching for is some true silence, time to let you mind catch up with your thoughts, no distractions, just silence.  Last night I had a harder time going to sleep than usual and I found that even in the total of darkness of our home there were noises that just won't go away.  Our fridge makes some sounds, the A/C, the night creatures in our woods (I happen to love their sounds :), it seems that there is nowhere to go to just have silence.
I imagine being at the top of a mountain far, far away from civilization would be pretty quiet, of course there would be critters, the wind blowing, but that would be Heavenly.
I was watching a video of a homesteader making a meal in a microwave vs. homemade and I thought of how wrong it seemed for that microwave to be in her home.  She has a cabin that she built herself and they are off grid so that microwave just didn't fit in, especially when she started pushing the buttons on it, dings and beeps, it just didn't fit in the surroundings, but of course that was her point and I'm sure it was a borrowed microwave because she mentioned that she didn't like the look of it in her cozy cabin.  I can't blame her!  We haven't owned a microwave for many, many years but it's because we wanted to simplify and that was something we could definitely do without, hubby misses one occasionally but I can't imagine why because his food is warmed and cooked for him, but he's used to the one at work and kinda misses it but he understands that I don't like them.
Well, I'm going to continue to search for my silence, it will be difficult while hubby's home because the TV is always on when he's here.  When he's at work it is never turned on, I don't watch TV, there's nothing worth watching but the Duggars and he records that for Katie and I to have little marathons every now and then.  
I think the sound on the TV that bothers me the most is the 'laugh track', it's just such a ridiculous thing, it's canned laughter, not even real at the moment.  Maybe that's the problem, too many things on TV are not real, I get so very tired of all the fake and phony, life just shouldn't be all about TV.......

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