Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day and What a Privilege it is to be a Mother!

Today marks my 29th year of celebrating Mother's Day as a mother!  I will be 54 this year so that means I have been a mommy for more years of my life than not!  
I remember when our first was born, it's an emotion that you cannot put into words.  As wonderful as every other love is, being a mother is entirely different.  It's all encompassing, all the time, forever and ever.  There is this person that is a part of you and hubby all smooshed together into this little bundle of joy!  No feeling on earth is the same!

Becoming a parent brings out a protectiveness in you that you never knew was there.  Suddenly you would literally take a bullet to protect this little person from being harmed in any way.  I've found that the feeling doesn't stop because they get older, it just grows in intensity and as they venture out into the world your feeling of guarding and protecting becomes constant prayers for their safety.  I truly don't know how folks can live without the overpowering love of Christ that gives us peace and calm when nothing else can.  I wouldn't want to live without Him for one single moment.

God's love becomes a so clear when you think about one of your own children being put in the situation that Jesus was, imagine someone wanting to torture your child until death.  I would fight, scream, claw, hurt, maim, and tear out someones eyes before I would let them harm my child......and yet God watched his precious son go through such horrible tortures and die on that cross....for us, for you, for me.  Wow, such wondrous love.  

I want to daily put on the armor of God, die to self and would hope I could do anything He would ask of me.  But, I know I fall short repeatedly.  I'm so glad He doesn't disappoint me the ways I'm sure I disappoint Him, thank you Heavenly Father!

May you all have  wonderful Mother's Day, it is so important because no one is like our mother, my little mother is beyond sainthood in our eyes, she's the most precious mother ever!

Oh yea, I'm attempting to get back into blogging, I've missed it terribly and need to get back into the swing of it! 

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Lisa said...

we share the very same feelings about motherhood friend! Hope you had a wonderful day! God Bless!