Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good: 
Definitely that hubby's surgery is over, he's doing fairly well.  The surgery was a success but he's having a few issues today that are a bit concerning for me.  Sadly, we weren't able to go see him today at the hospital so I think that's another issue I'm having.  We do not do well apart, I in particular am a better person when my hubby is with me, I miss him terribly.  
The Bad:
That I cannot stretch myself any further, there are things that absolutely must be attended to and only I can do some of them.  It's really hard not being able to go see hubby, but reality is that there were appointments etc. that had to be attended to today.  I really truly hate that but I think that's the difficult part of having a home business; you alone are the business and you must get it done or it will not get done.  A bit frustrating for me today.
The Ugly:
I think the nurses at the hospital are being stretched so very far.  Their patient count is unbelievable and they can only do so much.  But....hubby has some needs that need to be attended to but they are letting it slide because they simply are too shorthanded.  UGH!  For the price hospitals charge you would think that you would get solid gold care, but it doesn't happen.  Plus, my hubby does not nothing gets done.  I HATE that!  But, tomorrow he will have a champion there to set things straight, they will either address these problems or hear my fuss all the way to the administration office.  I used to work there so I know how things are done and I know that only the squeaky wheel gets their attention.  I hate it but it's true!  
For tonight I will pray for peace and calm and for hubby's issues to be resolved.  Tomorrow is a new day.

The cabin pic is a reminder for me to be calm.  I know things will get resolved.  Breathe deep.......

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