Sunday, May 18, 2014

And Normal Returns!!! Yeah!!!

Have you ever met folks that just want things different?  They're just so unhappy with the way their life is and they want things changed.  Normal is just too boring for them?  Well, that's not me, normal is wonderful as far as I'm concerned!
I've always said that if my family is fine, then I am fine.  I hurt when they hurt, I worry when they worry, etc.  
I'm happy to say 'normal' is returning to our home!  Hubby is home with a machine that will exercise his leg for hours a day and tomorrow he has his first therapy appt.  You see, this is good stuff!  This means we are returning to normal and that we are moving forward.  I believe in living today as today and not thinking tomorrow will be better, but that gets difficult when a loved one is hurting and it is weeks until the scheduled surgery.  Also, hubby has been home for many weeks from work and I know he is looking forward to getting back to work.  All is moving along nicely, now.
I know that the Lord has had all of this work out just the way it is supposed to and that Judy's schedule would not work because she is wayyyyyyy too impatient!LOL  
But, all is well in the Young household.
I give God all the glory and honor!!!!!

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