Friday, April 12, 2013

Prosperity 'Preachers', So Wrong.

It is so frustrating to see anyone following Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, etc.  They are exceedingly good at preaching the wonderful, happy happy, joy joy, all will be wonderful and you're life will be incredible if you.............oh yeah, first you plant the seed then you will prosper and everything will be peaches and cream in lala land!  Dig deep and give to ______ ministry and then you will be showered with money and riches and all will be well!
NO, NO, NO!!!
It's about the 'meat' of the Word, not fluff that makes us feel good. 

Life is very, very hard and bad things happen.  Bad things always happen and always have, we must be listening to pastors preaching straight from scriptures so we can be prepared for the bad things and the difficult times. They will come and all that ideology won't be a comfort at all!  We have to dig into the Word, Joyce or Joel cannot tell us how to live our lives and all will be well.  The scriptures tell us of feast and famine, we know we live in a fallen world and as long as sin is here, life will be a battle.  
We have one promise and one promise only, He will carry us through when we simply cannot walk through the valley and walk with us when we tread on.
We are told to give but not to give so we will be showered with riches and life will be rosy.  We are to give, period.  Just because it says so in the Word.  Never is it to be all about us.
The truths in the Word challenge us and many times punches us in the gut just from the sheer honesty of those words.  It's hard to read the Bible without sometimes feeling the pain deep inside that was suffered over and over again.  Of course there are many reasons to rejoice from the blessings being given over and over.  But it should be a challenge for us, not an easy out, which is what they are telling us.  It's just wrong.

It's not about 'Me' or 'You', sorry if that doesn't make you all happy and ready for the riches to flow.  
It's about Jesus Christ!  Always was, always will be.

Pretty simple really.
By the way, I enjoyed listening to Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen until I realized that they were promoting prosperity, I quickly put them aside. I think they both are good 'teachers' or maybe life coaches, but they absolutely should not be in the pulpit, or 'preaching'.

If you don't understand or believe me, watch this video:
WORLD | Rapper calls out Osteen, prosperity preachers | Angela Lu | April 9, 2013 
after you watch it do some real digging into who is prospering from these 'preachers', I promise you their 'ministries' are not suffering one little bit and neither is their lifestyle.

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