Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lovely Marriage

My sweet hubby and I have been married 30 years....he would say 30 loooooooong years!  Of course he fancies himself a comedian most of the time so I let that slide!
Marriage is a wonderful gift given by the Father, and one that so many times is not fed and nurtured as it should be so it wilts and ends before the real goodness can be found.  I think that premarital counseling is probably a good thing, it opens your eyes to things that maybe you hadn't considered, but I think most are too googly-eyed and in your bliss of contentment to realize that these things will ever happen to your marriage!  Therefore marriage, like everything else in life is better understood as it is experienced.  
There are tools that are essential if you intend to stay married longer than a few months, those are typical common sense items, like: patience, forgiveness, appreciation, admiration and most importantly putting Christ first.
Even with all of those things I think it's really important that you know for a fact that you 'like' this person, you will be with them all the time for all time so you better make sure you like them a lot!  
Laughter in the home is a wonderful thing also and should be a constant with you and your children, there will be many, many times will laughter will be a wonderful stress and tension reducer, specifically in the area of disagreements!
Marriage, life, constant togetherness can all get a bit stale sometimes, so having lots and lots of joy and laughter can really help the entire family!  
I'll be posting more on marriage later!  May God bless you and your family with much joy and happiness!  

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