Monday, April 8, 2013

Just Read the Horrible News......the Cicadas are coming!!!!!! Run for your lives!

Oh it is wonderful here in our part of Kentucky.  We have the windows so we can hear all the birds chirping, a hoot owl hooting, critters moving around in the woods, it's just lovely!
I love nature and all that goes with it.  The trees are incredibly beautiful, the sky constantly changing, the grass starting to come into it's pretty shades of green!!!  I know that many are in love with the city and find the man made architecture so comforting, but I love the countryside, the further out the better!  
Love visiting the cities, but always happy to get back to our tiny piece of Kentucky!

The above image reminds me so much of the road we took every weekend going up to my grandparents house and also the road going to my aunts house which was just over a hill from my grandparents.  Going up those roads meant that our weekend fun had begun!  Such fun running and playing and not stopping until time to go home on Sunday, I had such an incredible childhood, constantly surrounded by family.  My mother had 9 siblings so there were always aunts, uncles, cousins, etcSeems like even today that county in Kentucky is largely made up of my family!

Now, having gushed about being a nature lover....I'm terribly afraid....because.....THE CICADAS ARE COMING!!!!!  These things scare me to death!  And we always have them really bad in our area so I'm sure we'll be inundated with them again this year!  I'm afraid of them but our Katie is terrified of them!  We might have 6 weeks of not going outside, until they are gone!  Thankfully they don't last all summer!   

I remember the last time we had them really bad, folks walked around with badminton or tennis rackets to ward them off!!LOL  Funny now, but I won't be laughing if one gets on me.

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