Saturday, March 30, 2013

Joy in the Journey

Do you ever notice other folks while driving along?  Sometimes you are at a stoplight and you just naturally notice the other folks driving by or sitting next to you in their cars.  Do you notice 'joy' in their facial expressions or motions?  Honestly, sometimes people look downright angry just sitting there in their cars!  Because I'm curious I always try to figure out what's going on with them, have they;
lost a loved one recently
lost a job
Or do they have;
spousal problems
children problems
their parents problems
work issues
Could it be that they are totally unaware of what their face is showing the world?  Chances are they have no idea what they look like to other people, I would venture to guess that they are so caught up in their own world that they have no clue how their being viewed at that moment.
We live in a world of such chaos that we have little time or inclination to notice whether our neighbor is having problems, much less a stranger on the road.  
So, in this world of limitless communication choices, we generally keep those true communications to our very elite few.  The lines must be drawn at how many we can have on our 'contacts' on our cell phones and very few of us still have a Rolodex or address book with contact info.  In this world of constant change people are moving or changing their phone numbers constantly so it's easier to erase electronically than pencil and paper. 
Therefore, in the age of instant global communication we can never ever have any contact with someone next door.  If their not on our text list, email or phone we basically have no time left to just take leisurely walks and chat with neighbors.  Even walks are limited to runs, jogs or even brisk walking for the exercise....with ear buds in our ears to keep us entertained so there's no chance for simply stopping to chat then either.

I thinks times have come so far, so fast and yet we've lost so many important things along the way.  We seldom have extra time for reaching out, actually most folks don't even have moments of silence in their lives, there is no time for it.
I think sensory overload has kept us from even having time for deep thinking,
I miss watching my grandpa who was a preacher, in their quiet farmhouse, sitting in his chair with his Bible on his lap snoozing in the afternoons, I miss the slower pace of that time.

I'm going to challenge us all to slow down, turn off the noise, sit out on the porch and wave and chat with neighbors and if we can find the time, go searching for those that have very few 'contacts' in their lives, what a difference we could make.

And while we're at it, we should probably take a look in our own rear view mirror at what our own face is projecting.  If we have Jesus, we have every reason to smile and share that joy!

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