Friday, March 22, 2013

Diving In!

Wow, it's been months since I've blogged, how could that be?  Our lives here at the homestead have been crazy the past couple of years, life just got more and more complicated.  As much as I wanted to do more and more from scratch and delve deeper in homesteading, the more the world got in the way.
We've been through our daughter Katie's Cancer, my father's Cancer and just a few other issues along the way, the good news is that everyone has come out okay, the Cancers are gone and the patients are doing great.
As much as we want to pull away and not face the problems of the world sometimes, it just slaps us right in the face!

That being said; I am a creature that would probably live my life in a tiny corner sticking my head out only when necessary if I could.  That's just my nature and I am way too happy to be home and never leave.  I know this is not right, if we as Christians stick our head in the sand, how can we expect to be a light for Him?
This blog is titled Living Simply for Him, that Him is Christ and the living simply is pulling away from the things of the world, but sometimes my mistake is pulling away from the people of the world also.
As a Christian we are sometimes put in the position of extracting folks from our lives because the poison that they choose to possess and live is just too much of an influence and can tamp down our spirit too easily.
The trick is knowing when to extract and when to move toward them because we're being led by the Spirit to share the Gospel.

How selfish of me to want to stay in my little corner and keep God as my light; when there is a world just begging for the Light of the World.

This is my first step in busting out of my self imposed bubble and putting myself out there, kinda scary but Jesus walks every step with me!  How wonderful is that!!!!!

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