Sunday, November 18, 2012

God's Blessings....oh soooo abundant!!!

Don't you love when you are in the midst of a situation that seems so daunting and kinda scary and you're wondering how it will end because you can't see your way through to the end.
Then, you bow your head and pray, sometimes with a deep guttural prayer, just dropping the situation at the Father's feet simply through your tears, angst and pain, so thankful to be able to look to Him.
Within moments the first obstacle is moved, then throughout the day you see trickles of hope but still fret.
Then suddenly....because God is God....He just blows the whole problem out of the water, now not a trace of that situation remains!
Not only that but in the midst of it He blessed me with an incredible bit of information I was astounded by! 
Yep, within hours God took what was to us lowly humans a huge boulder with no way around; chipped off a few bits so we could start to see the light on the other side; opened my eyes to something unknown to me; and just when I was feeling so blessed but knew there were still issues to deal with.....He blew it to smithereens!  Yep, this humanly insurmountable issue from 7 hours ago no longer exits, at all.  I never, ever fail to be awed by His blessings!
What an awesome God we serve!!!!!