Friday, October 19, 2012


Well, I no more than dipped my little toe back in to the blogging world when I once again had to put it on the back burner!  This time it was not for a bad reason.....well kinda....Katie started having pain with her port that was put in 14 months ago for her chemo and other treatments.  She has never had a pain at all since having the port put in but she has lost quite a bit of weight and I think things just kinda shifted around.
Anyway, today she had the surgery to have the port removed and in a few days she should be as good as new.  The bad news was simply that she was having quite a bit of pain and discomfort and had to live with it until they figured out the problem.
The good news is that our sweet Oncology Doctor simply said, "it's done it's job now let's get it out of there so she doesn't have to deal with anymore 'stuff'!"  So now it's out, she did well through the surgery but is very tired and will be resting for a few days. 
We're very thankful and consider this one more step away from this Cancer mode we've been in for so long.
The Lord brought us this far and he gave us the wonderful blessing of healing our sweet Katie, no more Cancer!  
Yep, now it's time to get on with that regularly scheduled life!!! 

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