Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life Changes, Christ, New Beginnings...All Good!

We've had an interesting year:  Katie has faced, dealt with and overcame a diagnosis of Lymphoma; My father was diagnosed with Cancer on his bladder, which was then removed putting him in a different stage of life, but he is doing great; Our son Tommy had a tumor on his finger, but that was taken care of and all is well.
Truly, looking back on the this past year seemingly nothing is different.  Katie has hair again, short but it's growing in oh so curly, which is different because her hair was always straight.  My dad is doing everything he did before, tires a bit quicker now but basically is doing great.  Tommy's life is no different, he's making some changes to a different apartment and trying to make a few other small changes.
Basically, life is just what it was a year ago.  But we are different, oh so very different.  

I had taken so much for granted,  I knew that we were not immune to bad things, no one is.  But, we had never had much Cancer in our family so I just assumed that was not really a fear we would have to deal with anytime soon.  But life changes in the blink of an eye, doesn't it?  I would not have chosen any of these things to happen to our family, no one would, we hate to see loved ones suffer.  

But, what we can choose is the way we deal with these things.  I could decide that these things were a sign of horrible things to come and dig my head in the sand, dreading the next bad thing...or I can say, the past is the past, I cannot change it and will not be defined by it.

We cannot live in fear, we shouldn't live in fear, Christ came to die on the cross so that we can have life, and beyond this world we will be with Him in Heaven.  The goal is not to fear every little thing, take no chances, avoid the probabilities of something bad happening or avoid contact with others because of the slim chance of catching some bad they might have.

Life is about living, not fearing.  

A few days ago we celebrated 30 years of marriage, my Danny and I.  30 years of being married and we still laugh every single day.  We've had problems, still have problems, will always have problems, that's life, but we choose to face them together and above all keep very close to the One who made it all and continues to rule today.  God is everything, without him the problems would be too overwhelming to deal with.  We choose Christ.

This is October 6th, 2012; Katie and my dad are Cancer free.  For today, I choose joy and will not worry about what tomorrow may bring.  I sometimes say, I've faced almost losing my child and my father, it didn't happen.  Let's face it, death is the only final thing, every other problem in the world can somehow be fixed or endured.

And now, I return to blog world, a completely different person, but the same in so many ways.  Loving this moment and enjoying today but always looking forward to what's around the next corner.  Life is such an incredible adventure!!!

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