Saturday, April 14, 2012

A New Blog Journey!!!!

Click the photo to go to our brand new homesteading blog!
We would love to have you follow our journey as we discuss step by step our journey towards true homesteading.  We have a ways to go to get there but want to share the steps as we take them as well as the steps we've taken thus far.
We will post lost of pics and our joys and triumphs as we move forward knowing there will be lots of triumphs as well as errors.
We are working toward composting, recycling and giving in our goal to have as little to pull to the curb come trash pickup day as possible, striving for a huge recycling pile and teeny tiny garbage pile as we have curbside pickup for both on the same morning.
The new blog is:

We will discuss all of our make at home ventures in:
Prepare to Share
Paring Down
Weight Control
Farm Critters
...will be more as we go along

Also, we'll share our weekly does of 'Out with the New, In with the Old' as we purge the complicated to bring in the simple.  Come join us to learn more!

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