Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is it spring?

We're getting some incredibly spring-like weather here in Kentucky.  Everything is already starting to get green and we're having lots of rain also.  This is how our May weather usually is, hard to believe it's only March!  We started some of our seeds in trays yesterday, with all the windows and screen doors open!  That's just unheard of here in Kentucky!
I must say, it is so nice to open the windows, especially since we've had colds lately.  Love airing everything out real well.  The only problem with the warmer weather is that you are not really ready to spring clean just yet, just doesn't seem time, but after you pull back the curtains you see the windows could really use a good scrubbing!  Of course with the rain we can't get them clean just yet (doesn't that sound like a good excuse to you!!?), but all in time.
We are working hard to get our inventory built up to start our online store back up, so much to do, so little time!  You know with all the things you can buy these days it's hard to believe you can't buy a few more hours in the day, I could really use them.
Lots of sewing to do so I really must move over to the sewing nook, start up some Fernando Ortega hymns and get lost in the rhythm of the machine!

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