Friday, January 6, 2012

Frugality, Simplicity & Faith

Peaceful, beautiful, such calm and simplicity.

I was reading an ebook I purchased awhile back by Patrice Lewis and found the link to an excellent website.  It's called and it is chock full of simple homemade ideas and so very many frugal thoughts.  
I've spent way too much time reading articles there today, tried reading from my ipod touch but that screen was just too small!!  So I moved on to my desktop computer, I've held back printing out all the things I want but will go back tomorrow and see what I can just write down.  
One of my goals this year is to work very hard on recycling.  I tend to print out way too many things and not only does that use up my printer ink but I so often forget to highlight and print out the selection, wasting so much paper!  Anyway, I have a nice big legal pad next to my keyboard so I can jot down ideas or recipes without printing so much out.
2012 is my year of working hard on sustainability, frugality, preparedness and especially reaching out to help others. 
Most importantly, I need to  read the Word daily and spend time talking to my Lord and Savior.  The Lord is my rock and my constant.

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