Friday, January 13, 2012

Healthy New Beginnings: Two January Choices

In our quest to really work on living a more healthy lifestyle we have really researched some choices for changes that would work for us right now.  Some things are a goal for the future but not workable now due to lack of availability of fresh items so we'll discuss those later.

The first change we made involved a comment from my dear friend Sandy about fermented Cod Liver Oil.  She had done some research and started her son Shaun on it, Shaun has some issues from Autism and also said she started taking it herself.  I haven't heard how things are working with them but look forward to hearing.  Anyway, the more I read about this oil the more I realized that it was exactly what we needed for Katie, a super strong boost to her immune system (since her immune system is still low from being hit with the chemo and radiation) that is in it's purest form with no chemical issues.  Sandy recommended the Oslo Orange flavor so that is what we got and Katie puts a few drops in some warm water and has it every morning, she calls it her morning tea and she really enjoys it.  (Thanks Shaun and Sandy!).

The second change we made was a green morning smoothie.  This was something we learned from the West girls at Homestead Blessings.  We have all of their DVD's and learned how to make this from the Art of Cooking DVD.

click on the DVD to go to the ordering page through Franklin Springs Media, also you can watch a clip of the DVD there.

The smoothie consists of frozen bananas, milk, spinach leaves (or any fresh greens) and we add a full tablespoon of Spirulina powder, also ordered this from Perfect Supplements.  You blend all items in the blender until smooth, pour and enjoy!  It's so smooth with the frozen bananas but it is very green in color, didn't bother Katie and I as we figure we can drink anything as long as it's healthy but....our fellows wouldn't have anything to do with it, but we'll trying!  We also ordered some Acai powder and will be trying that in a smoothie soon.

Those are our changes for January and we're sticking with them very well.  I really want to lose weight but especially want to be healthy, I'm 51 and only have this one body this one time so I want to do the best I can with it.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Frugality, Simplicity & Faith

Peaceful, beautiful, such calm and simplicity.

I was reading an ebook I purchased awhile back by Patrice Lewis and found the link to an excellent website.  It's called and it is chock full of simple homemade ideas and so very many frugal thoughts.  
I've spent way too much time reading articles there today, tried reading from my ipod touch but that screen was just too small!!  So I moved on to my desktop computer, I've held back printing out all the things I want but will go back tomorrow and see what I can just write down.  
One of my goals this year is to work very hard on recycling.  I tend to print out way too many things and not only does that use up my printer ink but I so often forget to highlight and print out the selection, wasting so much paper!  Anyway, I have a nice big legal pad next to my keyboard so I can jot down ideas or recipes without printing so much out.
2012 is my year of working hard on sustainability, frugality, preparedness and especially reaching out to help others. 
Most importantly, I need to  read the Word daily and spend time talking to my Lord and Savior.  The Lord is my rock and my constant.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Simple Steps to Stop Procrastinating

27 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

  1. Get started.
  2. Be realistic about the time it takes to do something, never as long as you think.
  3. Work with time available.
  4. Use small amounts of time.
  5. Carve out time.
  6. Don't always start at the beginning - just do some part.
  7. Do worst first.
  8. Set small deadlines.
  9. Small reward for each deadline met.
  10. Do things as they occur to you.
  11. Is there a simpler way?
  12. What's the worst thing that will happen if you do it?
  13. Do nothing - try looking at it for a full 15 minutes.
  14. Clear work area of everything else.
  15. Make workplace convenient.
  16. If I don't make deadline no treat.
  17. Listen to your mood.
  18. Plan a reason to get motivated (invite someone over).
  19. Seize opportunities.
  20. To do is must do.
  21. Tell someone else your deadline.
  22. Expect problems to come up that will keep you from getting it done.
  23. Don't stall - expect to do a GREAT job.
  24. Get back to people - even to say 'I don't know yet'.
  25. Ask for help.
  26. Use leisure time for leisure.
  27. Maybe procrastinating means you really don't want to do it at all.