Monday, November 21, 2011

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Outside my window...Dark, very very dark.  It's 10pm.LOL  Without any city lights close for the ambient light, it is very dark outside.

I am thinking...about all the work we did today getting items together for the Vietnam Vets to pick up tomorrow, so nice to get rid of unnecessary items and to know others will be able to use them.

I am thankful...for the hope of tomorrow, and the next day and next day, etc....God is so good!

From the learning rooms...hoping to learn more about using my serger since we're moving it downstairs to my sewing space.

In the kitchen...roast beef sandwiches, onion rings, fries....yeah, we were thinking Arby's!!!

I am wearing...well, it's time for Pajamas.

I am creating...Have two jumpers to make this week, also a new purse for me.  I'm going to quilt some fabric and make me a quilted purse, made to my own specifications.  I cannot seem to find a purse anywhere that is exactly what I want and need.  Posted this last week and still need to make them.

I am going...tomorrow, we are going to a local knitting store.  Katie and I stopped in there a few weeks ago.  We chatted with the owners while shopping and they were starting a class to make hats for chemo patients, they chose Katie for their inspiration and tomorrow we go to pick up her hat.  Very nice folks.

I am wondering...if I will ever finish all my Christmas shopping....just kidding!!!LOL.  I actually have no shopping to do, the only gifts we're buying are for our three and they all wanted one item so that's what they're getting, the rest of our gifts will either be handmade or a bit of cash for the younger family members.  We've had a rough year with Katie's Cancer and decided that Christmas will be very, very peaceful.  It's all about Jesus.  No stress, no wasting money, no overabundance, no worries about who will like what. 

I am reading...Simplicity Primer excellent read, should be a must read for all of us!  Still in the midst of reading SP but also reading a series called the Potluck Club Catering, funny and lighthearted reading.

I am finish packing the items for the Vets, it's 10:10pm and I still need to close up some bags.  Hate procrastinating!

I am looking forward to...Thanksgiving with our family.  Last thanksgiving day I was very sick so this will be my first thanksgiving meal in 2 years!

I am hearing...Hayley Westenra playing on Katie's Ipod while she does a few bedtime chores, of course it's Christmas songs!  Now, it's playing Andrea Bocelli, beautiful Christmas music!

Around the house...clearing, tidying...simplifying!!!

I am pondering...New ways of doing things, I really am trying to focus on simplifying everything down to the very basics.  Still working on the basics, need to get it on paper so I can review as needed and keep things from getting too busy.

One of my favorite things...visiting with my dear mother in love.  She's widowed now and doesn't get out much.  Dan sees her quite often because he runs errands as needed for her since she doesn't drive (never has) and she lives close to the airport so Dan can stop as needed.  Sadly we don't get over to her place as often as I would like, we'll be seeing her very soon though so we can put up her Christmas tree and deck those halls!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Thanksgiving with family.  Such joy!


A picture thought:
 my Tommy, oh how this mommy loves her babes!  Even though those 'babes' are 27, 25 and 21!!!  They'll always be my babes!

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