Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Lymphoma Battle Has Been Won by Katie!

Katie had her last radiation treatment today. The cancer is gone from her body. We will have follow-up visits for quite awhile just to check things.
We will have an appointment soon with the oncologist to discuss removing the port, it will be surgery but will be much simpler than implanting it was.
The radiologist told us that there is a very miniscule chance this will ever return. How wonderful is that? She got a ‘diploma’ from her friends
in the radiology department, they all just loved her there, she kept them laughing. Yesterday she told them it took forever for her to fix her hair
and they messed it all up with the radiation mask!!!!LOL I actually found that most of the patients we saw just seemed to find humor in things and seemed
very positive, I think maybe they are able to put things into perspective a lot more clearly than we can. Truly, the weather, bickering with folks, traffic,
money problems, job issues, family problems, world problems, even day to day aggravations seem to be so trivial when you’re battling a life threatening
illness. Someday I hope to write down all that I have learned through this, I know my perspective is entirely different than Katie’s....I’m watching the
families go through it, she’s seeing fellow patients suffering. Life changing for both of us.
To say that we are thankful just doesn't seem to be enough.  We've been overwhelmed with the support we've had from family and friends.  This journey was very difficult, but it was certainly made easier having support from so many.  
We now return to our regularly schedule life...having been changed in so many ways.  Live every minute to it's fullest, we truly never know what tomorrow will bring.  The anticipation is so very exciting!!!!!  God has blessed us all beyond measure!!!  I give Him all the glory and honor.

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