Sunday, November 13, 2011

Homestead Blessings DVD's with the West Ladies

During these past few months of Katie needing lots of rest, her and I started a nightly ritual of watching the Homestead Blessings DVD's that I purchased a couple at a time.  We had always wanted to own them and this was the perfect time for us to enjoy them together.  The West family live 'off grid' I believe, at least it seems that way from some of their comments.  They are truly hands on people and love to make from scratch, make do, make naturally, etc.  Katie and I have decided that if we knew them their mama Vickie and I would be great friends as I am interested in so many of the things she is and Katie would be friends with Jasmine, Hannah and Cecelia because they all have much in common also!
Through watching these, we learned so many things and got some great tips on things that we've already been doing.  I learned a new method of making soap and Katie got some great ideas on making her own hand dipped candles from their soapmaking and candlemaking DVD's and we learned so much from all of the DVD's, they are such a wonderful resource and blessing!
I plan to review them one at a time in the near future but just wanted to share a bit of what has kept us 'occupied' in the times that busyness was not possible because of Katie's fatigue.  
Click on the pic or the words below to go to the Homestead Blessings website.

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