Saturday, November 12, 2011

Frugality - Grocery Lists

I must admit that I have been a bit lax on my meal planning as of late.  Too often I find that we're heading to the store at 4pm to get supper ingredients for that night.  Well, I get very frustrated with this because I've always been one to stock up, we actually had a full pantry down in our basement that we kept well stocked.  Fast forward to today and I must admit that I do not have the stocked pantry anymore, it's all simply that I stopped planning and keeping up with it.  In the past few months I've been especially bad but intend to remedy that.
Truly, we have let so many things slide with having illness in our home, our kombucha sat untouched until it finally got mold on it and had to be thrown out.  This is very frustrating because I know the health benefits are so important, it's simply that Katie had no appetite so things we made very simply and spur of the moment.
My first step on getting back on track is having a grocery list to print out so we can mark it as needed.  I found this online list maker: and it looks pretty good.  I know there are apps for Ipods and I will be using that soon (Katie has a 16gb Ipod touch and needs more gb so she's getting a new one for Christmas and I will get her old one!!!  I love technology and don't mind hand me downs at all!!!) but for now I need to just things organized and be ahead of things.
I'm going to go peruse through some of my favorite blogs and see what kind of frugal info I can glean from them.
Any tips will be appreciated!

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