Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Does Anyone Cook Anymore?

Katie and I had the opportunity to be treated to some nice meals last week.  Once to Outback on Wednesday and then Texas Roadhouse on Sunday.  It was a lot of fun and the food was good but we are so happy to be back to eating our homemade food. 
Last night before bed Katie made up a batch of bran flake muffin batter and this morning she baked them up for us.  Tonight for supper we are having Southern Greens soup with Iron Skillet Cornbread. 
I say all this because every restaurant in our area is packed every single night, it is unbelievable, not only could we never afford that but doesn’t that get old real quick?  When I say every restaurant I mean every one!  We live on the outskirts of a fairly large town and there is an overabundance of restaurants and more going up all the time…and still folks flock there constantly.
Growing up my sweet little mama fixed us meals every single night, these were good hearty meals made from basic ingredients.  Going out to eat was a huge luxury that might happen once every 6 months or so.  Actually I can’t even remember us having very many restaurants back then anyway.  Dan’s mother was the same way, they had the same basic meals over and over just like we did.  With the prices of food going up I know that groceries are very expensive but it is so simple to make up a meal that I cannot imagine having restaurant food every night.
I grew up in the 60’s, remember having some restaurants in the 70’s and by the 80’s there were some more.  By the 90’s we had drive thru’s everywhere and now it’s family style or high end restaurants on every corner.  When will it end?  I actually find the speed in which all this is happening to be kind of frightening, will there be any grass left in 100 years?  What will our children’s children have left of our beautiful earth?  I do think that the food network and others like it have brought folks back to the kitchen, maybe that will slow down this restaurant building trend.  I truly think we must look to the past to remedy some of the problems we’re making for the future. 

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