Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Living Simply

Today has been a very quiet day for us.  Yesterday we had a nice cookout with our oldest son Tommy coming over to visit, very nice day indeed!  Also, we got a lot of housework accomplished yesterday so today was a day for doing our own things.
We've got a stocked up pantry, fridge and freezer so meals are pretty simple to put together with no running to the store.  We're eating very simply these days because Katie doesn't really want food but that should change in a few more days.  
It is very chilly outside and we have the windows open so it's chilly in here also!  We've spent today just resting and doing what we want since it's Dan's day off.  He enjoys just coming home and watching TV so the living room is all his and the remote is his also, he's happy and content!LOL
Christopher, Katie and I enjoy reading so generally we've got quite a few books we're reading so we enjoy days when we can just delve into a book and live in that world for awhile.  I've never understood how anyone could not love reading!!!  To lose yourself in a book is one of the most wonderful things in the world to me, especially on an autumnish day when the house is so very quiet.
Katie has always wanted to read the Nancy Drew series so we've been buying her a few of them at a time from Amazon and she reads them in no time at all!  She loves them and wants the whole series so she can always keep them.  I read them just a few years ago from the library and got hooked on them also!  Yep, at the age of 45 I read through the whole Nancy Drew series and loved every minute of it!  I love reading mysteries and lately have been reading some suspense/mystery fiction books, I find the ones I think I'll like at CBD.com and then put them on hold at the library.  We can put books on hold online and then pull up to the drive thru window and pick them up, so very handy!  Christopher likes historical fiction and has been enjoying a few different authors lately.
Tomorrow will be quite a bit busier, ebay items to package and take to the post office, need to pick up some plastic eating utensils for Katie (she's having a problem with a constant metallic taste in her mouth and this will help to alleviate some of it for her), laundry, some sewing and some card making.  Also, since the weather is so cool, it's the perfect time to get to cleaning that garage!!!
Love these cooler temps, makes you want to throw the windows open and enjoy the breezes blowing through the house!  It's truly the little things!!!

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