Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Lymphoma Journey

Update on our Katie: Tomorrow morning she will have her second chemo treatment.  This will be the second of three so she will finish up with chemo soon.  Then we head on to 3 radiation treatments.
She's doing very well, a few days ago we had some rough days when her hair started falling out but now there is very little of it left and she's becoming accustomed to it.
We found a wonderful website that sells hats for chemo patients.  She found 2 cute pink caps and then a deep pink sleeping cap.  She does not want to go without her head covered at all.
Her sweet brothers have both shaved their heads completely in support of her.  Also her uncle Ricky (my brother) shaved his head, he adores our girl too.  I'm wearing some type of a head covering and have cut my hair as short as she will let me.
While we're not letting our life be dictated by Cancer it has been dictated by Dr. visits and lots of tests at the hospital, thankfully everything has come back just fine.
We are looking forward to 'normal', I know a lot of you live this daily and there are others that have their own form of normal with their own health issues in their homes, I will never ever complain about 'normal' again.
This has put so many things into perspective for our family.

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