Monday, July 11, 2011

Prayer Request

Tomorrow morning at 7:45 our Katie goes into surgery for a tumor on her face.  We found out a few weeks ago that this was all going to happen so we've kinda been in a holding pattern.
The tumor is growing right in front of her ear, they think in her salivary gland but won't know until they get in there.
Please pray for a smooth surgery, the Lord's comfort and presence for Katie and a good outcome.  The statistics say that this type of tumor is usually 80 percent benign and 20 percent malignant.  We're not even going to accept that it could possibly be malignant.
Thanks for your prayers, the surgery will probably last over 3 hours and she will stay overnight in the hospital, I'll stay with her so I wont' be able to post again until Wednesday or Thursday.
I pray all is well with all my dear friends, my brain has been mush so I've not even given a thought to a blog post, I intend to dive in with both feet after this is all over and she's on the road to recovery!
Thanks again and may the Lord bless all of you with much joy, good health, happiness and every other thing that is good!
Don't forget to give your loved ones a big hug, the future is always so uncertain for our earthly bodies but Heaven awaits us!  What wondrous love!!!!!

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