Monday, May 23, 2011

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My Daybook for...
Monday May 23, 2011...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...Sunny and very warm, we've had a wonderful breeze blowing all day.  It's been warm enough for the A/C this weekend but hopefully it will be much cooler the next few days.

I am, my mind is a maze right now and I'm trying to work my way through it.  I have so many things on my mind, truly I need to start a journal again and get some of these thoughts straightened out and make some lists, I'm on overload these days with my to-do lists and wanna-do ideas.

I am thankful for...that our Katie is walking around again, she's still limping but she is mobile so hopefully she'll be 100% very soon!  She's a very good patient, never ever complains about anything!

I am remembering...the guilt of missing an important event this past weekend.  Sadly I had someone wrong me in a very cruel way so I had to miss this event.  It's amazing how some folks can do something very cruel, on facebook for the world to see and then refuse to accept the blame for it.  I hate, hate, hate deceit and I don't play games with folks that lie to me, it's way to easy for me to see through the stories and lies.

I am currently reading...just finished a couple of the books in the Mystery and the Minister's Wife series from Guideposts, I love their series and collect all of the books, they are very 'pretty' hardcover books and as I love reading them over and over I hope to collect all of them to have on my bookshelves!

I am hoping...Really need to get going on our sewing projects, sadly our sewing room is a floor away from Katie's mobility, we don't want her going down those stairs just yet.

On my mind...Lots of projects I want us to get finished and started on, once again I really need to get those lists made!!!!

Today I'm blue skirt, light blue long sleeve top.   I love the warmer weather, so many times I just kick off my birkenstocks and go barefoot!!! 

Noticing that...the older I get, the more I want to pull closer to family.  Whether it be immediate or distant cousins, I treasure being able to communicate with all of them whether through email, facebook, snail mail or phone.  Family means everything to me!

Pondering these words...found this on a blog today:  'Grandkids fill a place in our hearts we never knew was empty!'....I'm not a grandmother yet but I know this is exactly how my mama feels.  She loves us all so very deeply, we are truly her treasures!  I'm happy to say that's exactly how I feel about my 'babies'!!!!  (Okay, so maybe my babies are 21, 24 and 26...they're still my babies!!!!)

From the kitchen...Katie made us tuna salad on whole grain bread for lunch.  For supper we're having chicken (hamburger patty for Dan as he will not eat chicken), noodles, salad, 7layer salad (only Katie and I like this), with fruit for our evening snack.

Around the house...Katie is still laid up doing some work on her laptop and playing around with her IPod, Christopher is learning some chords on the guitar and Dan is home from work just relaxing, I am going to get off here very soon and make us some afternoon coffee and get supper started. ......this was my post from last week and it still applies except that we've already had our coffee and supper is already started.

A Picture though....this is our Katie with her Manchester United scarf on top of her head.  This is how she's watches all of the games...LOL!  Yeah, we think she's a bit strange!  But oh how we love her!!!!

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