Monday, May 16, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Monday May 16, 2011...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...cloudy and cold!  That's right...cold!!!  Usually May 15th is the day we can start planting outside without the threat of frost, not this year!!!  Plus, we're due to have rain every day, it sure will be beautiful and green!

I am thinking...about the nice weekend we had, got to see my little parents and visit for a few minutes.  We're still pampering Katie and she's still not able to walk but a few steps on her sprained ankle so we're her servants!  Of course we love it!

I am thankful for...seeing my little parents just working so hard around their home, my dad loves to work out in the woods, clearing and woodcutting.  My mom loves to take care of her home (she keeps it beautiful) and loves to garden, her flowers are always gorgeous!  Even though they are both up in years, almost 80 for my mama and over 80 for my daddy, they refuse to let age stop them and they continue to enjoy the things they can do rather than complain about the things they can't!  What a wonderful spirit they both have and a wonderful example to us all!

I am bad Dan was hurting about a month ago, now he is pain free!  Sometimes we forget to be thankful for healing, even if it might be temporary we must be thankful for feeling good!

I am currently reading...have some library books about bookkeeping, I want to brush up on some things and I'm sure learn some things I never knew!  Seems to happen every day, we learn something that we didn't know yesterday!  I love that!

I am very soon start sewing on our new sewing machine and serger, haven't even tried the serger out yet, just been too busy!  Still need to get going on this, we have a project that needs to be done on the serger and have all the materials, just need to get busy.  (We're making some cotton feminine items, trying to be more green and healthy)......still hoping!

On my mind...some issues with hurtful comments that have been made lately, sometimes it's hard to believe that people can be so cruel and so 'stupid' as to post something online thinking the one they are talking about won't see it!  It's especially hurtful when it's family!  Wow!  You just never know about people!

Today I'm wearing...teal long skirt, (Katie and I are officially dresses only now!!!) long sleeve yellow thermal top with white top underneath due to the cold temps!!!  My Birkenstocks, I'll live in them all spring, summer and fall!

Noticing that...I'm feeling stronger every day now.  I was extremely anemic throughout the winter and unaware of it, now that I'm on the iron supplement I feel wonderful!  I seem to feel so much more energetic every day, it really pays to keep up with those medical tests to make sure things are okay.  As much as I hate them, I still have to do them!

Pondering these words...This was on my Mary Engelbreit calendar for May 12th:  "I'm convinced that every boy, in his heart, would rather steal second base than an automobile."  Tom Clark     I think truer words were seldom spoken, we all must have some hobby or interest to keep our bodies and minds striving and working towards goals.
From the kitchen...I was going to make beef stew but Danny doesn't want it tonight so it will be tomorrow night.  Tonight is smoked sausage, green beans and taters and also a pot of chili, he just can't decide which he wants so I must make both!  Lemon bars for dessert which is a real treat in our home!

Around the house...Katie is still laid up doing some work on her laptop and playing around with her IPod, Christopher is learning some chords on the guitar and Dan is home from work just relaxing, I am going to get off here very soon and make us some afternoon coffee and get supper started.

I love these patriotic Christmas ornaments, hoping to make some for this Christmas.  I love Christmas and I love the USA!!!!!

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