Monday, May 9, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Monday May 9, 2011...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...sunny day for the first time in ages!  It's nice and warm, all the windows are open....aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!, sadly we're back to rain daily or at least that's what the 10 day forecast says.  Oh well!

I am thinking...what a wonderful Mother's Day I had, our Tommy came over and we had a lot of laughs, chinese food (Frisch's Big Boy platter for Dan, he hates chinese!) and just some good visiting.  I got Tommy all to myself for awhile, he and I sat on the rockers on the front porch and chatted while I crocheted, I made 2 dishclothes while sitting there with him!  Chris, Katie and Dan pampered me all day!

I am thankful for...Katie just having a sprain, she and Chris took a long, long walk this morning and called me to drive and get them, she had twisted her ankle.  She is of course being pampered and should be back to normal in a few days.

I am remembering...a very nice weekend, Katie and I played a bit with the Cricut, need to be working on our family cookbook we're making so we're practicing up on making our die cuts.

I am currently reading...a christian fiction series about knitters and ....well murder!  I love my mysteries!  Still reading this series.

I am very soon start sewing on our new sewing machine and serger, haven't even tried the serger out yet, just been too busy!  Still need to get going on this, we have a project that needs to be done on the serger and have all the materials, just need to get busy.  (We're making some cotton feminine items, trying to be more green and healthy)

On my mind...a situation we're dealing with that is somewhat frustrating, hoping to have it resolved very soon, I would LOVE to be living off grid and not have to deal with these issues.  Oh, to have our own water and power sources and not rely on these big companies that fix things only when they decide to!! UGh!

Today I'm wearing...teal long skirt, (Katie and I are officially dresses only now!!!) cotton long sleeve button up top with little roses and leaves throughout.  My birkenstocks, I'll live in them all spring, summer and fall!

Noticing that...I'm feeling stronger every day now.  I was extremely anemic throughout the winter and unaware of it, now that I'm on the iron supplement I feel wonderful!

Pondering these words...yesterday, Tommy, our oldest made it clear that we celebrated Mother's day only because of him, being our first child and all.  Christopher (who is so used to Tommy making everything about himself) said "I cannot believe he just made Mother's Day all about him!!!!".LOL  Funny, funny people!
From the kitchen...Well, since our chef is layed up with the sprained ankle I guess it's up to me to figure it out.  Something simple it will be!!!LOL

Around the house...Christopher and Katie are playing Fifa on the Xbox 360 (Chris is taking his turn in pampering Katie!!!LOL), Dan is finishing up the trimming after cutting all the grass, there's a lot so it takes awhile!  He just came to the window next to my desk and asked if I wanted to see a dead why would I want to see a dead snake???

A Picture thought to share...
A gift Katie stitched last year for her dear friend Monica, isn't it pretty?  I just love handmade gifts!

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