Monday, January 17, 2011

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My Daybook for...
Wednesday, January 17th, 2011...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my's dark outside since I'm posting at 9pm.  We are having freezing temps but the snow had all melted so it's just all kinda brown. We are supposed to have cold temps and rain/snow so everything is just cold, damp and dreary.

I am thinking...that it is so nice to have my Danny home on vacation this week.  It's all about him just resting and relaxing!  We got a Wii this weekend so everyone's having a blast playing the games, we have had so much fun and it really wears you out!

I am thankful for...our sweet daughter who turned 21 yesterday!!!!  We had a wonderful day topped off with dinner at Texas Roadhouse courtesy of our sweet cousin that wanted to treat us all!  We had so much fun and it is always wonderful to get together with family!

I am remembering...this Christmas and how wonderful it was!  We did everything we wanted, had all our gifts made in time and really enjoyed the day.  I want to make notes of things so we can make sure to keep all our Christmas' traditions and keep things peaceful and calm just like this year.

I am currently reading...reading the ESV one year Bible, also reading a fiction series on my Nook.  I'm really enjoying the Nook but find that some books you just have to have the hard copy of.  The nook is perfect for fiction though, you can read it and not have an extra book sitting around that you'll never read again.  I sometimes re-read my fiction books, if they're really good or suspenseful, but generally I only read them once.

I am get settled into our schedule and routines, it's hard to have a routine on vacation so we're just playing it by ear but it will be nice to get back to having a plan.

On my mind...thinking about friends that we've had and lost.  There have been people in my life that I needed to pull myself away from and break off friendships because they were pulling me into things that were keeping my focus off the Lord.  Sometimes we have to remember that it is our choice who we become friends with and sometimes we have to choose to end friendships if they are a direct deterrent to our walk with Christ.  I'm not saying that we shouldn't be a light to those friends, but sometimes outside influences can pull you away from home and family and if it's just too hard to keep those friendships, so we have to pull away.

Noticing that...I'm really enjoying the winter and not pining for Spring which I sometimes do at this time of year.  I'm really content to just be about my homemaking and keeping our outside obligations to a minimum.  So many things want to pull us away from being keepers at home.

Pondering these words...'be a light to the world but remember to not shadow over others as they walk their walk.'

From the kitchen...well the plan was for bracciole, collard greens, brussel sprouts (oven roasted).  That plan has been put off until tomorrow, today we did more grazing that having meals, little bits here and there, that's the way Dan likes to have his meals...sorta like grazing all throughout the day!!!LOL

Around the house...Danny's on the couch resting and watching a movie, Christopher is working with his new pedal for his electric guitar, Katie is right here close to me and we're just relaxing.

A Picture thought to share...
 Katie and our oldest son Tommy at the birthday dinner last night (yeah she kinda loves him!!!!).  Such fun!!!!!

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