Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Wednesday, January 5th, 2011...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my's dark outside since I'm posting at 8pm.  We are having freezing temps but the snow had all melted so it's just all kinda brown.  Although we had a beautiful day, the sun was very bright and felt wonderful!

I am thinking...I'm glad we got both of our parents Christmas trees taken down and un-decked their halls, everything is all tidy and ready for warm cozy days and nights!

I am thankful for...a wonderful Christmas with our family, it was so very nice!  To us family is everything and we just love get-togethers, lots of family and lots of laughter!

I am last year at this time we were looking forward to a new year with lots of hope, turns out our year was one of many struggles that were not at all anticipated.  What we learned from the struggles was that we were a lot stronger and capable than we thought we were and that as long as we kept our focus on the Lord we could handle anything.  He brought us through those tough times and although I pray never to have to go through it again, I know He will always be there with us, with Him we can do anything.

I am currently reading...oooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  I got a Nook for Christmas from my sweet hubby and have been reading up a storm on it, I didn't know I would love one as much as I do but I really do.  I've had fun getting the little gadgets to go with it also!  They have so many free books to download, the first thing I downloaded was the ESV Bible and it was a free download!  I also bought some cookbooks on it, they are so much cheaper than the physical copy.  I would want the physical copy of them if I intended to use a lot of the recipes but these are more for browsing through and finding recipes here and there in them.

I am get things accomplished in this New Year, I have some lists in my head but need to get them written down, I do so much better with lists because I love being able to mark things off as I get them done, wonderful sense of accomplishment!

On my mind...thinking about my sweet daughter's 21st birthday coming up in 11 days.  Yes, I said 21!!!!  She's our baby and it's so hard to believe she's going to be 21, time flies!  We're so proud of her, she's turned into a wonderful young lady with such a wonderful heart for Christ.  We love her dearly!

Noticing that...although I love doing things the old way and always will...I love the new technologies that are available today.  I love my Nook and my Cricut and Gypsy, so much fun playing with them.  I still love doing some handiwork, sewing, embroidery by hand but it really is fun to play with new gadgets.  Probably a good thing that items like the IPad are so expensive and beyond what I should spend on such things, I would really being spending all of my time playing with it! (but it would be fun!!!!)

Pondering these words...this was from the first day of my little desk Mary Engelbreit calendar:
And now let us welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been!!!  
I love that!

From the kitchen...what we call a big salad for a meal, salad with grape tomatoes, chicken nuggets cut up, little tater sticks and cheese chunks.  Not the healthiest salad in the world but that's as close to healthy as hubby will get!

Around the house...Danny's on the couch snoozing (although he says he's watching TV!!LOL), Katie is watching me type and keeping me very amused and Christopher is playing a video game, I'm getting ready to get my sewing stuff organized to start a jumper and skirt.

A Picture thought to share...
Our Christmas tree this year.  We've always had a 'live', cut tree but this one might be our last.  As much as I love them they really are quite a bit of work and those pine needles hurt!!!  I kinda like the idea of having a tree in each room, smaller ones maybe instead of one big one.  I guess we'll see!

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