Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Christmas in a challenge to give.

It seems I have not written a post since the beginning of December, I can't believe it's been that long!  We had a wonderful Christmas, lots of time with family and everyone had such a great time.  Katie and I had a special treat because we got to snuggle with the new twins on Christmas morning, they are so precious!  That's the beauty of twins, there's one for each of us to cuddle with!

We are getting a good start with purging unneeded items this New Year, we are giving any and all things that are not needed, loved or precious to us away to Goodwill.  We have so many things in our home that I'm sure can be useful to others so we really need to get them out and give with a giving spirit.  As we sit in our warm cozy home with a full pantry we must remember those that are struggling and dealing with issues we can't even imagine.

We worked hard in December (guess that's why I didn't blog) making some Christmas gifts, Christopher cut out some ornaments for me to craft with his band saw, Katie kept the kitchen busy baking, cooking and candy making (she made potato/peanut butter candy, no bake oatmeal peanut butter, fudge, chocolate covered potato chips, pumpkin cheesecake...and on and on....sooo yummy!!!) and I tried to get the gifts finished early but was spraying a finish on them on the 23rd!!!...hey I tried!  Here are some pics of a few of our items we made:

 I have a bit of work to do in figuring out what kind of pens or markers to use and then the right finishing spray, these bled when I sprayed the finish on it, kind of frustrating but now I know for next time!
These are some photos of Katie holding her sweet little Charlie:

 We didn't get any clear pics of me holding Alyssa, but here is their big brother William.  He kept us all entertained with....was it all his toys? No....was it a present? was a ball of wadded up wrapping paper!!!  He played toss with everyone and was such a cutie!!!  They are such a sweet little family!!!
Here are some pics of our pretty snowy Kentucky, we had such a pretty Christmas Day here in Kentucky!  

Well, that's all for today, I really have to do a few more things before getting ready for bed so I must get to them.  I do intend to post more often and I can't wait to scout around on some of my favorite blogs to read about how others celebrated their Christmas....the day we celebrate the birth of our Saviour!!!  Isn't God good?!!

I challenge you all to find items that you no longer need/use and give them away, it makes our homes lighter and it will certainly make our hearts lighter to give...whether it be clothing, automobiles, appliances....all of these can be useful.  I usually give to Goodwill only because it's close to where we now live but years ago I always gave to the Salvation Army, either way it's so important to think about others. 

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