Monday, January 17, 2011

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My Daybook for...
Wednesday, January 17th, 2011...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my's dark outside since I'm posting at 9pm.  We are having freezing temps but the snow had all melted so it's just all kinda brown. We are supposed to have cold temps and rain/snow so everything is just cold, damp and dreary.

I am thinking...that it is so nice to have my Danny home on vacation this week.  It's all about him just resting and relaxing!  We got a Wii this weekend so everyone's having a blast playing the games, we have had so much fun and it really wears you out!

I am thankful for...our sweet daughter who turned 21 yesterday!!!!  We had a wonderful day topped off with dinner at Texas Roadhouse courtesy of our sweet cousin that wanted to treat us all!  We had so much fun and it is always wonderful to get together with family!

I am remembering...this Christmas and how wonderful it was!  We did everything we wanted, had all our gifts made in time and really enjoyed the day.  I want to make notes of things so we can make sure to keep all our Christmas' traditions and keep things peaceful and calm just like this year.

I am currently reading...reading the ESV one year Bible, also reading a fiction series on my Nook.  I'm really enjoying the Nook but find that some books you just have to have the hard copy of.  The nook is perfect for fiction though, you can read it and not have an extra book sitting around that you'll never read again.  I sometimes re-read my fiction books, if they're really good or suspenseful, but generally I only read them once.

I am get settled into our schedule and routines, it's hard to have a routine on vacation so we're just playing it by ear but it will be nice to get back to having a plan.

On my mind...thinking about friends that we've had and lost.  There have been people in my life that I needed to pull myself away from and break off friendships because they were pulling me into things that were keeping my focus off the Lord.  Sometimes we have to remember that it is our choice who we become friends with and sometimes we have to choose to end friendships if they are a direct deterrent to our walk with Christ.  I'm not saying that we shouldn't be a light to those friends, but sometimes outside influences can pull you away from home and family and if it's just too hard to keep those friendships, so we have to pull away.

Noticing that...I'm really enjoying the winter and not pining for Spring which I sometimes do at this time of year.  I'm really content to just be about my homemaking and keeping our outside obligations to a minimum.  So many things want to pull us away from being keepers at home.

Pondering these words...'be a light to the world but remember to not shadow over others as they walk their walk.'

From the kitchen...well the plan was for bracciole, collard greens, brussel sprouts (oven roasted).  That plan has been put off until tomorrow, today we did more grazing that having meals, little bits here and there, that's the way Dan likes to have his meals...sorta like grazing all throughout the day!!!LOL

Around the house...Danny's on the couch resting and watching a movie, Christopher is working with his new pedal for his electric guitar, Katie is right here close to me and we're just relaxing.

A Picture thought to share...
 Katie and our oldest son Tommy at the birthday dinner last night (yeah she kinda loves him!!!!).  Such fun!!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Resolutions and A Confession I Really Hate to Share..but I must

Last year I made a list of resolutions that I wanted to keep for the new year.  They were outward things like cutting out certain foods or changing my lifestyle in some way.  Well, I have to say that I didn't do too well with sticking to those, but I did keep them in mind and know that because of having that in my conscience I did do better than I had done previously.

Well, this year I've thought about resolutions and kind of realized that I don't like to be under strict guidelines, there is too much of that in my life that I can't control so it can't be things that stick close to a certain line.

Recently I've noticed some things about myself that I really don't like, you see I grew up with a step-father that was critical of everything and everyone and to say he was prejudiced is putting it mildly.  As soon as he saw a person he had a comment for them, he didn't favor any particular ethnicity with his harsh words, everyone was fair game.  My mother was just the opposite, her gentleness and kindness were a constant in my life.  I'm happy to say that I think I've echoed her more than my stepfather...but lately I've found myself being very cynical about certain fact I'm sounding more and more like my stepfather (who is no longer my stepfather, they were divorced a number of years ago) and I'm very upset with myself because of it.  
I know that I have that deep inside me and it will come out if I let it but sadly I also have some folks very close to me now that quickly spout out some of these thoughts also.  I raised my children better and they would never say those things, probably wouldn't even think them but for me hearing those things now brings out the tendency to feel and say those things even today.

So, my resolutions are not outward they are inward, I know that my Savior would not say such things so why do I?  I'm a 50 year old woman that has enough intelligence to know better and yet I find myself doing it.  Sadly, I'm going to give you an example: Last night Katie and I were driving home from the grocery and I saw a wall unit sitting out for the trash outside of a trailer park, I started to say something and when she looked over at me I thought what am I saying that for!  I went ahead and voiced my thoughts but added that I'm ashamed of myself for thinking and saying such things.  I said "That's probably full of bed bugs, roaches or bugs".  Now, who do I think I am?  I truly find nothing wrong with living in a trailer park and actually some of those homes are fixed up nicer than some upper class homes I've seen.  I have in fact had a roach or two in my own home, we live a bit out in the country so I've also seen field mice, we've had ants and some others bugs.  Once again, who do I think I am in so quickly judging what I'm sure are some very nice folks.  I quickly asked the Lord for forgiveness and realized that I am quick to find things to judge and use certain words that I want to cut out completely....I frequently say "stupid, hate, idiot", etc. although I've told my kids sooooooo many times through the years that to say those things makes you those things and I truly believe that.  It's important to me to speak intelligently and those words not only do not sound intelligent they are simply wrong.  

Who am I to judge anyone?  No one at all.  I'm posting this because I want to confess them and I need to see them in print and might just put this up over my computer to remind me every moment that I sit here.  I am a child of God and know that we are ALL His creatures, but I think I let the thoughts of the 'world' invade my heart and soul and so my resolution is to cut that out completely.  I will stick closer to His Word and follow the guidelines that He has set forth for me, not the worlds guidelines...only His.

Now, I will return to fixing my supper and keep praying for guidance, I want to be as close to 'like Christ' as I can and those things are keeping me from that.

In Him,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Wednesday, January 5th, 2011...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my's dark outside since I'm posting at 8pm.  We are having freezing temps but the snow had all melted so it's just all kinda brown.  Although we had a beautiful day, the sun was very bright and felt wonderful!

I am thinking...I'm glad we got both of our parents Christmas trees taken down and un-decked their halls, everything is all tidy and ready for warm cozy days and nights!

I am thankful for...a wonderful Christmas with our family, it was so very nice!  To us family is everything and we just love get-togethers, lots of family and lots of laughter!

I am last year at this time we were looking forward to a new year with lots of hope, turns out our year was one of many struggles that were not at all anticipated.  What we learned from the struggles was that we were a lot stronger and capable than we thought we were and that as long as we kept our focus on the Lord we could handle anything.  He brought us through those tough times and although I pray never to have to go through it again, I know He will always be there with us, with Him we can do anything.

I am currently reading...oooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  I got a Nook for Christmas from my sweet hubby and have been reading up a storm on it, I didn't know I would love one as much as I do but I really do.  I've had fun getting the little gadgets to go with it also!  They have so many free books to download, the first thing I downloaded was the ESV Bible and it was a free download!  I also bought some cookbooks on it, they are so much cheaper than the physical copy.  I would want the physical copy of them if I intended to use a lot of the recipes but these are more for browsing through and finding recipes here and there in them.

I am get things accomplished in this New Year, I have some lists in my head but need to get them written down, I do so much better with lists because I love being able to mark things off as I get them done, wonderful sense of accomplishment!

On my mind...thinking about my sweet daughter's 21st birthday coming up in 11 days.  Yes, I said 21!!!!  She's our baby and it's so hard to believe she's going to be 21, time flies!  We're so proud of her, she's turned into a wonderful young lady with such a wonderful heart for Christ.  We love her dearly!

Noticing that...although I love doing things the old way and always will...I love the new technologies that are available today.  I love my Nook and my Cricut and Gypsy, so much fun playing with them.  I still love doing some handiwork, sewing, embroidery by hand but it really is fun to play with new gadgets.  Probably a good thing that items like the IPad are so expensive and beyond what I should spend on such things, I would really being spending all of my time playing with it! (but it would be fun!!!!)

Pondering these words...this was from the first day of my little desk Mary Engelbreit calendar:
And now let us welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been!!!  
I love that!

From the kitchen...what we call a big salad for a meal, salad with grape tomatoes, chicken nuggets cut up, little tater sticks and cheese chunks.  Not the healthiest salad in the world but that's as close to healthy as hubby will get!

Around the house...Danny's on the couch snoozing (although he says he's watching TV!!LOL), Katie is watching me type and keeping me very amused and Christopher is playing a video game, I'm getting ready to get my sewing stuff organized to start a jumper and skirt.

A Picture thought to share...
Our Christmas tree this year.  We've always had a 'live', cut tree but this one might be our last.  As much as I love them they really are quite a bit of work and those pine needles hurt!!!  I kinda like the idea of having a tree in each room, smaller ones maybe instead of one big one.  I guess we'll see!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Christmas in a challenge to give.

It seems I have not written a post since the beginning of December, I can't believe it's been that long!  We had a wonderful Christmas, lots of time with family and everyone had such a great time.  Katie and I had a special treat because we got to snuggle with the new twins on Christmas morning, they are so precious!  That's the beauty of twins, there's one for each of us to cuddle with!

We are getting a good start with purging unneeded items this New Year, we are giving any and all things that are not needed, loved or precious to us away to Goodwill.  We have so many things in our home that I'm sure can be useful to others so we really need to get them out and give with a giving spirit.  As we sit in our warm cozy home with a full pantry we must remember those that are struggling and dealing with issues we can't even imagine.

We worked hard in December (guess that's why I didn't blog) making some Christmas gifts, Christopher cut out some ornaments for me to craft with his band saw, Katie kept the kitchen busy baking, cooking and candy making (she made potato/peanut butter candy, no bake oatmeal peanut butter, fudge, chocolate covered potato chips, pumpkin cheesecake...and on and on....sooo yummy!!!) and I tried to get the gifts finished early but was spraying a finish on them on the 23rd!!!...hey I tried!  Here are some pics of a few of our items we made:

 I have a bit of work to do in figuring out what kind of pens or markers to use and then the right finishing spray, these bled when I sprayed the finish on it, kind of frustrating but now I know for next time!
These are some photos of Katie holding her sweet little Charlie:

 We didn't get any clear pics of me holding Alyssa, but here is their big brother William.  He kept us all entertained with....was it all his toys? No....was it a present? was a ball of wadded up wrapping paper!!!  He played toss with everyone and was such a cutie!!!  They are such a sweet little family!!!
Here are some pics of our pretty snowy Kentucky, we had such a pretty Christmas Day here in Kentucky!  

Well, that's all for today, I really have to do a few more things before getting ready for bed so I must get to them.  I do intend to post more often and I can't wait to scout around on some of my favorite blogs to read about how others celebrated their Christmas....the day we celebrate the birth of our Saviour!!!  Isn't God good?!!

I challenge you all to find items that you no longer need/use and give them away, it makes our homes lighter and it will certainly make our hearts lighter to give...whether it be clothing, automobiles, appliances....all of these can be useful.  I usually give to Goodwill only because it's close to where we now live but years ago I always gave to the Salvation Army, either way it's so important to think about others.