Monday, December 6, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Monday, December 6th, 2010...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...It's a winter wonderland!  Snow is covering everything and it is very cold.  Perfect for decorating for Christmas!

I am wonderful it's been to have hubby off some extra days!  He's surprised me by taking some days off and we've enjoyed having him home.

I am thankful for...everything!  The Lord is so good to us.  He answers our prayers in ways we couldn't possibly have thought of on our own, His ways are the best ways!

I am remembering...a nice quiet weekend once again, we enjoyed watching the snowfall and got our tree and have it set up, we'll be decorating it tonight and then I can start putting presents under it!

I am currently reading...browsing Christmas magazines and Taste of Homes for some ideas for Christmas goodies.  (This was my answer from last week and still applies, love getting inspiration from the magazines)

I am have all our decorating finished this week.  I bought our cards last week and will be getting those addressed.

On my mind...right now things are just muddling around in there, I need to get some lists made because I work much better with lists in front of me.

Noticing that...time is passing so very quickly, I'm enjoying this stage of life but can't seem to keep up with things, need to really concentrate more I think.

Pondering these words..."Judy, you have taught me to be very flexible".  This was what my mother said to me last week when I had to cancel our visit with them for the 3rd or 4th time, way too many interruptions right now to plan anything!  I believe my mommy was being nice but what she's really saying is "Judy, I never expect you to come when you say you will or be on time"....she's just too sweet to say it that way!

From the kitchen...Danny has a craving for cheeseburger soup so I guess that will be on the menu for tonight.

Around the house...Danny's on the couch playing a video game, Katie is finishing up in the kitchen and Christopher is playing his guitar, I'm getting ready to get ready to go run a few errands.

A Picture thought to share...

My sweet Katie holding her brand new second cousin Alyssa.  Her twin Charlie was last weeks photo, they are finally coming home today after being in the nursery for the last two weeks, they just didn't want to eat and weren't gaining enough weight.  They are so precious!