Monday, November 29, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Monday November 29, 2010...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...Lots and lots of sunshine today with warmer temps, they will be plummeting after tomorrow.  Trees are all bare and getting ready for their long winters' nap.

I am exciting it is to prepare for Christmas, I'm looking so forward to it this year!  I intend to decorate the whole house and hopefully put some lights outside too!

I am thankful for...a family that pitches in and takes over when I am under the weather.  I had an adverse reaction to some meds and was literally in bed all last week missing Thanksgiving and all but they took over and had all the preparations taken care of to take to my moms.  What a blessing they all are to me!

I am remembering...our nice quiet weekend, everything was calm and peaceful.  The only thing missing was seeing my Tommy but I did talk to him each day.

I am currently reading...browsing Christmas magazines and Taste of Homes for some ideas for Christmas goodies.

I am hoping...and praying that the new meds will not give me any problems.

On my mind...making a list in my mind of some meals I want to prepare to have made ahead.  Also, want to get some soups made to freeze for quick meals.
Noticing that...feeling good changes how you feel about everything.

Pondering these words...As long as we resent a person, we live in bondage.

From the kitchen...Chicken sandwiches and fries, fresh from the kitchen!  Simple and Danny's favorite meal!

Around the house...Christopher and Katie are getting ready to watch a football (soccer to us Americans) game; Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.

A Picture thought to share...

My sweet hubby holding his brand new great-nephew Charlie.  Charlie has a twin sister Alyssa but she had to stay in the nursery for awhile.  They are so precious!!!

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