Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simply Fall

It seems wrong to love one season of the year more than the others, we are so blessed with all seasons...but I love fall!!!  I love the beauty of all of nature in the fall, the trees, the crispy leaves on the ground that crunch under our feet, hot apple cider...so many things to love!!!
I always get a boost of inspiration as the seasons change and in fall it seems I want to get everything all cozy and homey...lots of pillows, rugs, candles, oil lamps...just kind of getting our home ready for the fall and winter.  It's kinda like spinning a cocoon and getting everything all closed up nice and tight to keep the chill out and the warmth in.  Years ago women would have been working on their quilts getting ready for the cold weather but these days it's not necessary to make our own bed covers (although I do love to quilt!) but I always feel the need to stock up on things just to be prepared for power outages or snow storms.   

We love to spend our winters making our crafts we sell in our store:
All Natural Soaps

 Country Signs

 More soaps!!!

 and some woodcrafts!!!
It's wonderful to keep busy during those long winter days, we make our items for ourselves, our home, gifts for family and friends and for our store.  It is a wonderful way to have a small cottage business and learn how to do things the 'old ways'.  Although these days modern technology works with such automation that we don't 'have' to make our things from scratch....but given the choice our family chooses to make them as natural as possible and make them ourselves, it helps to keep some of the old ways going even today so hopefully our grandchildren and on down will keep up some traditions.
Well, now I'm all set to go start some crafts!  Our weather is quite chilly today so it's the perfect time to get busy and try to warm up!

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