Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Call to Modesty

 Our sweet Katie all dressed up for an Opera that my cousin took her to.

There's a wonderful company called Christian Light Education that publishes some wonderful material.  We purchased some of our homeschooling material from them years ago when we were still homeschooling.  They really have some great resources whether you're homeschooling or not.
I was going through some papers the other day and found a pamphlet from them entitled 'A Call to Modesty' and wanted to share some of the information.

"We live in an age when exposure of the human body seems to be an accepted way of life  On the billboards, on the streets, at the office, on the job site, in the classroom - everywhere we turn men and women parade their bodies for anyone to see.
In view of such shameless immodesty, is it any wonder that in our society:
  • 65% of high school students have had sexual relations.
  • 43 million Americans have incurable sexual viruses.
  • Illegitimate births increased 400% from 1963-1993.
  • every 2 minutes an arrest is made for sex offenses.
Oh, you might say, immodesty is not all to blame.  Our society is filled with lust and perversion.  True enough.  But immodesty and lust are two sides of the same coin.  Has immodesty become so commonplace that we cannot admit what it does to us as men and women?"
Recently a young man at our local store was commenting to the question 'how are you?', he informed the person that he was having girlfriend trouble.  The person then said 'I hope it all works out'...he responded by saying 'I got a kid on the way'.  
So many times we find that young people are just shocked when they find out they have conceived a child, they say 'how did this happen'?  They seem to be mature enough to know how to have sex and yet can't figure out how a pregnancy happened.

Are we not teaching our kids about sex?  I really hate the word but it's what they understand and respond to so we might as well not beat around the bush and be all shy about it.  Of course we know that a child is not the only consequence, there are many, many sexual diseases out there.  Some will lead to death but others are something that they may have to deal with all their lives.  Not the best thing to have to admit to a future spouse...'Oh yeah, I have a sexually transmitted virus that I got from some fellow, it might flare up occasionally throughout our married life...hope you don't have a problem with that!!!'  
Beyond the person involved in the act there are others to consider, a child that might be born with AIDS or another disease, your parents that may have to watch you wither away in death when the AIDS virus kicks in and puts an end to your life.  Your siblings that will have to deal with your mourning parents after you die.  Yes, I'm being morbid but this is all around us, our society sees the answer in using 'protection', I see the only answer in total abstinence until marriage.  If you're not giving your body away and your future spouse doesn't either you will come into the marriage clean and sure of no future problems because of your bad decision in having sex with someone else.

I am a people watcher, I used to love sitting at the airport watching people walk by, wondering where they were headed.  I still watch people and regardless of what anyone says what you wear does make a difference.  I see the response if a girl is wearing very little and exposing too much skin, the fellows will turn around and gawk and then say something to their friends so they're all looking at the girl.  This is not the response we should see, the scriptures tell us to guard our ourselves against lust and lust is what these fellows are doing.  Their first opinion of this young girl is that she's 'hot', this is so wrong.  Of course being 'hot' used to simply mean you're warm, I despise it used in the context of describing a human being....I've heard younger children saying it!  
 Such vulgar uses of some words should be nipped in the bud immediately but of course if they're hearing from their own parents...we've all heard it from adults and it's just so wrong.  I was at the Dr. the other day sitting in the waiting room and there was a girl and her mother sitting there, the girl looked to be about early 20's and was very pregnant, she talked about naming her baby and in the midst of it I realized she was going to be a single parent living with this mother with her.  Suddenly the mother starts talking and uses language that I was shocked to hear, I truly can't imagine hearing my little mother using such language....ever!!!!!  It's not that the language is so shocking, I know all the words..have heard them all my life from others, it's the idea that by the time a person is middle age you would think they would have learned some intelligence and maturity.  I've always told my kids profanity and even using words like crap, sucks, etc. in the wrong context is not just morally wrong in my it makes that person sound like a complete idiot!  Any respect you may have had for that person disappears in a 'poof' when they start using profanity, it just sounds so very 'stupid'!!!  I personally do not want to sound why use those words!!!!  

Modesty and purity are huge issues for me, our goal should be to raise a child with strict values and decency, it's disturbing that so few understand that concept.

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