Thursday, September 16, 2010

Simply Getting Back to Normal

Last Friday Christopher walked into my room and said 'Mom, why is your eye red?', I walked in to look in the mirror and couldn't believe what I saw, within half an hour my whole eye was totally red.  I called the Dr. and zipped up there and by that time it was really looking scary!LOL
Turns out it is simply a blood vessel that popped and was hemorrhaging into my eye.
I looked at some pics online and was going to put one up on my post but they're just disgusting, my kids couldn't even look at me it was so bad.  The white part was dark red and then there was this bright green glowing in the middle of my eye, my iris, it was so odd looking that I actually startled a young girl working at the store one of the days, poor thing!LOL
Now, I'm almost back to a normal looking eye, at least Christopher and Katie will look at me again and Dan has stopped promising to buy me an eye patch and parrot for my shoulder!!! 
Sot thankful that it was just a small problem and will fix itself in time.

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