Monday, September 20, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Monday September 20, 2010...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...Sunny, but sadly everything is just sooo dry, we're in desperate need of rain.  It's also back to hot temps again.  Sooooo looking forward to Fall!!!

I am thinking...
hard to think right now, I've got Christopher and Katie here twisting words and realities to their own thinking.  Makes my head swim!
I am thankful for...These two crazy people behind me!!!  They might be a bit messed up in the head but they're all mine!!!  They're not really nutty, they're just funny, funny people...they crack me up!!!

I am remembering...visiting with my sweet brother Randy, his friend Elaine and Randy's sweet daughter Randi, on Saturday at my mom and dad's house.  Lot's of hugs, laughter and joy.  

I am currently reading...finally got started on my one year ESV Bible, started re-reading my Mysteries of Sparrow Island series again.  I had these a few years ago and then sold them all on ebay...well, I missed them something awful and bought them bit by bit on ebay.  I love all the series from Guideposts, Grace Chapel Inn, Mystery and the Minister's Wife, Heather Creek, Hope Haven and the Patchwork series.  These are all such good books and I'm bit by bit buying all the series.  Not only are they such an excellent read but the books are all hardcover and very pretty, they look so nice on my bookshelf!!!

I am get some things settled in the next couple of weeks, we've got some decisions to make and I'm so ready for them to be over and to get back to normal again.

On my enjoying the music in our home, Katie plays the piano so beautifully and Christopher is really playing a lot on his electric guitar, thankfully he doesn't usually have the amp plugged in to it!!!  He plays very well and I'm amazed at both of them and how quick they learn.  Now, if I could just make the time to learn to play my hammered dulcimer I'd be a very happy girl!
Noticing that...the older I get the more the small things seem so insignificant.  Years ago I would hold a grudge against someone and not want to let it go.  Now, I wouldn't dream of wasting my time with such silly things.  There are so many joyous blessings to enjoy and I don't want to waste any time with such trivial things!!!
Pondering these of my favorite sayings....If you want to burn our American flag, do us a favor and wrap yourself in it first!    This Kentucky girl is proud to live in the USA!!!!

From the kitchen...that's a very good question!!!

Around the house...kinda quiet but lots of things lying in wait, our hands will be very busy with all the chores to do, trying to get the 'fall' cleaning all finished!
From my picture journal...
 A rustic snow angel we made, I think she's so cute!

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