Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Simple Book Review - The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews

I received a copy of The Butterfly Effect from Thomas Nelson publishers to review.  I've never read anything by Andy Andrews but definitely will after reading this book.
It's a short book and a quick read that will encourage you to not gauge the importance of your life by the worlds standards and to remember that everything we do, in every moment we do it will make a difference to many others along the way.  
The Butterfly Effect is in essence telling us that our actions resonate now and forever, the choices I make today will not only effect my life tomorrow but will affect many generations to come.  I, of course can't imagine anything I do today to be important enough to possibly change history, but after reading this book I see that others probably thought the same way and yet history was changed because of their choices.
The writer gives us prime examples of the changes in history due to the choices of such folks as George Washington Carver and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.
We spend a lot of idle time these days because of the computer age, and technology does so much for us but we're challenged in this book to remember to weigh the choices we make so the future generations will be affected in a positive way.
Very good and inspiring book, can't wait to check out more of Andy Andrews books.

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